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Art Of Enchantment

 Sensual ~ Enigmatic ~ Enlightened

What is the Art of feminine Enchantment?


The Modern Woman is led to believe she is Not Enough…not Beautiful enough, not Successful enough, not Lovable enough…


That there are things, tricks, techniques she needs to do, buy, learn…to Be Enough…enough for what? enough for whom?


Have you had Enough?…enough of limitations…? Are you ready for your Enchanting Transformation?


    I coach women on how to Flow through life with pleasure & grace. Feeling sensual, orgasmic, enlightened…blossoming in

    an Enchanted space of Love!


    Stepping into Your Enchanted Flow…is about sensual Transformation not just information…come, share the magical

    experience of living in the Flow…


    I dreamed of changing the world…Life is a mirror! Each time I expand my awareness…The world around me magically

    changes for the better!


    This video is my Gift to you! Relax and Reconnect with the 3 powers every enchanting woman elevates within herself…

    open your heart…Enjoy the secrets…


    Dreams become Real in a magical space of Love...



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Yana's Coaching Video Programs


Information alone is not enough…

Embrace your sensual transformation

Join our enchanted Tribe and live in the flow!


As a free member of the Tribe you will receive:


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     An ongoing series of short videos on rituals to support your

     Beauty and keep you empowered in your magical Feminine flow.


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     Be the first to find out about workshops and webinars I will be hosting.


Enjoy the video coaching programs below and on the Private Coaching page.


It’s my pleasure to share my love and wisdom with you! I hope it enriches, inspires and empowers you.


Remember to share your comments and requests for future videos on Facebook.


Enjoy them as my gift and welcome to the “Enchanted Life Tribe.”


Emergence Of Enchantress


Free video coaching program and awakening beauty rituals...

    Discover the confessions of a beauty queen :)


    Ritual to re-activate the energy of Beauty within yourself…Most unusual and extremely effective ritual from my personal



    On the 28th minute of the video, learn about 4 power centers of a woman...have a pen and paper ready! This is so helpful

    for a woman!


    On the 33d minute of the video, activate your sensual center... Embrace the power of sensuality... Have the essential oils of

    rose or jasmine handy ;)


    During the last 20 min, Complete the activation of Sensual beauty through the discovery of 4 feminine archetypes running

    your life ...Which archetype do men desire? Which one do they adore for life?


    Buy the Bonus video so you can “go” to your “Enchanting Island” and experience the Emergence of your Enchantress...

    This ritual is my regular Go-To tool when I seek magic through quick and pleasurable transformation…super effective!


    Book your 1 hour private coaching session and receive the bonus video for free.



Rituals Of  Enchantress

Magic happens in the Flow…5 weeks virtual coaching course including 2 private coaching sessions

    Every Enchantress has her unique rituals for beauty and self-love…Want to elevate your Self-Worth? Rituals will help you

    to step out of the shadows…


    Discover Yana's personal daily rituals of beauty and self-love. Enjoy my guidance as you craft rituals that enchant

    and transform you.


    In video #1 “Beauty Rituals”, uncover both simple and sophisticated Beauty secrets for radiant skin, silky hair and sparkling

    teeth with natural ingredients.


    In video #2 “Sensual Fitness”, discover how moving your body with sensual and spiritual presence leads to enchanting

    Embodiment & Life!


    In video #3 “Living in the Enchanting Flow,” enjoy the healing power of erotic energy that is your sacred and secret power

    for living in the feminine flow. Balance your chakras and bring mystery into your relationship…


    After viewing the 3 videos, reserve your Coaching calls and enjoy 2 hours of custom solutions designed for whatever your

    heart desires clarity and support on.

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